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Default why buy vs-2008 instead of vb-2008

for the last 10 years, i have been writing programs in vb-6.

i write large stand-alone programs that i sell (on cd) to users.

i now find that i need to re-write a lot of my software in a more modern language.

You can see (and download) one of my typical programs from my website

.. www (dot) wa0h (dot) com .. the (0) is the number zero

the language needs to includes a package-and-deployment wizard and support very large databases.

a built-in help (such as msdn) .. and a vb to vb-2008 converter .. would be nice.

??? do i need to buy visual studio 2008 .. or will vb-2008 do ???

i am retired and don't have much income.

i am not only old, i am old-fashoned .. feel free to call .. a phone call is much more productive than back-and-forth emails .. my phone number is on my website.

thanks for your time.

jerry gentry .. i am not retired .. but after 47 years of computer programming .. i got so old that nobody will hire me anymore.
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