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Default Internet Explorer favourites


Hope someone can help me please. I have changed my hard drive having "exported" my favourites. When I tried to "Import" them it wouldn't accept them.

I tried opening them and got this :-

½rOç\ö‘áhõ‹{$PNy¯Zè,>ÛÉ"æ1\ \ÒgZ›¶¦Ñ»co˜B
‘¸vþ•ÊXønak$‘å…ÎÑÓñ÷ÍwÚ_Ã{O1 Yà2È0A|Ÿç]\ž ™mÕR< p1Å8Ò•„換o/®uy„œàdn¦­Y:èÖ—o(IŸ/ûÎÇ€ °8Éö¨.ob´‡‘’xTXÖ~®|»%óðnæÈ vöÿ

When I open favourites normally, they come out in English text.