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Default Sequential File Manipulation

Hi every1,

im doing a little assignment from uni and currently need help.

I've been asked the following question in the assignment using visual 2003

The purpose of this assignment is to produce a piece of software that would:
• Store on sequential file(s) digital images with associated text.
• Provide a means to maintain these file(s).
• Provide a means for retrieving the information from these file(s) in such a way to enable the
display a selected image with its associated text.
• Provide a means to navigate through previously selected images with their associated text.
• Provide a means to navigate sequentially images with their associated text.

To achieve the implementation of this software you will be expected to utilise appropriate Object Oriented techniques, User-Defined Data Types. Sequential File facilities including StreamWriter and streamReader.

The user interface is the software to be designed and implemented as a Multiple Document
Interface (MDI).

Task 1
Design a suitable record structure(s) for storing, as sequential file(s), the data required for each
image including its associated text. Each image should be given a unique sequential reference
Design suitable User-Defined Data type(s) for processing the record structure(s).

many thx (pls help me how to start with)

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