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Default Access denied error when using FileUpload Control

Greetings All,

I'm using the standard FileUpload control and returning the result back to the server via the javascript submit() method. When I run it I get the following error:

htmlfile: Access is denied

I ran across this from MS:
and according to it I should be OK. Here's the code I'm using for getting the user's file:

    function ConfirmFile()
        document.getElementById("hdn5").value=window.confi rm('The following file will be saved to the database. Press OK if this is correct.' + '\n' + '\n' + document.getElementById("FileUpload1").value);
    function FileUpload()

The FileUpload function is called first and the file is then confirmed by the ConfirmFile function. When the confirm box is displayed the filename with the complete path down to the root directory is shown. Unless I missed something per that MS article I should be OK.

Does anyone have any idea what I missed?