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Default FileInfo Arrya Contains Property

Hello friends,

     I have a FIleInfo collection and I want to search a particular file in this collection but I am unable to get the result...

     I am doing something like this please tell what I am doing wrong here my code is here below:

    In this code there are tow values are coming in FileInfo Ccollection and I have to search anyone according to condition

          var Qry = from x in FI where (x.ToString().ToLower()).StartsWith(fname.ToLower( )) select x;

        FileInfo RowTextFile = new FileInfo("FIleName.txt");

        FileInfo[] fileName = Qry.ToArray<FileInfo>();

//this FILENAME>TXT is available into FileInfo array so this IF CONTDITION should return TRUE value but condition returning FALSE.

thanks in advance!!