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Default Microsot Installer - Need Help


I have developed an application using VB.NET and have also created an Installer for it. The application needs to be distributed ,so I want to include the MDAC_TYP.exe and DCOM95.exe with the installer.

I want to enable the installer to check the system configuration and install the files required automatically instead of the user getting frustrated. I have also tried to configure the "Wrapper" sample available at the Microsoft Website.

The problem is .... I don't think its working...

I have windows vista on my system and when i click on the wrapper installer (after configuring it to work with my application) nothing happens...

I know that everything is installed on my system and it does not need to install anything... but the installation of my application should start atleast skipping the other installations...

Please help... i'm not getting any where...
What should i do?