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Hi jeff,
Thanks for replying. Problem is that the new database wont have one to one column mapping with the old one. We are going to upgrade the old database and new one will be created from scratch. Its not even sure if same table from input will map to same table in output database. Thats why i was wondering if there is a way to write a program which will grab the schema of new database(once its schema is decided) and give it as input to the program and move data. Is it even feasible? I guess someone will have to tell the program to map which columns from old database to new one? DTS can be an option by programming it through VB.NET. Any other suggestions (e.g XML file for column mapping or something like that). I was thinking like a windows service which can run on server along with DTS package and XML column mapping but then how do i copy relationships (one-to-many etc).
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