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Default how two scripts run at a time ?

How can run two scripts at a time ?
I use following two scripts coding, but boths script not run at a time. One script run, other script not run why ?


<script language="JavaScript">
var text="TRIP Projects Under Contruction";
var textfont="arial";
var textcolor="0000ff";
var textstyle="italic";
var textsize="24";
var speed="2";
var posx="400";
var posy="160";
var scrollwidth="400";
var scrollheight="75";
var regkey="";
<script src="wheelscroll.js">

<script language="javascript">
var transition="23";
var posx="350";
var posy="200";
var image1="pic1.jpg";
var image2="pic2.jpg";
var image3="pic3.jpg";
var image4="pic4.jpg";
var image5="pic5.jpg";
var image6="pic6.jpg";
var speed="1"
var pause="1";
          <script src="Reveal.js"</script>


please help

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