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quote:Originally posted by Hal Levy
 I think I understand... But.. The way your going about it isn't going to work.

There are two problems

1. Your string isn't in quotes...
2. The way you wrote this, your saying strip out everything that isn't HTML.

If your trying to strip HTML, and want to use this IF statement and you know that "<td bgcolor" will always start it then write this:

If left(a, 11) = "<td bgcolor" then a = ""

This takes the string you get back from the file and set your variable to an empty string.

That said- I would use a routine like This one to do what your trying.

Hal Levy
Daddyshome, LLC
 Q.1) thanks but what does the "this one" mean i got the code but ...sorry to ask but how do i use it?? can i simply just paste it under a button_click

Q 2.)My main objective actually is to achive real-time updating of information from a website'm trying to do something like a search engine where by people use this program i do to look for information.But u never know when the website's information might chage so we ned real time updating .After surfing and searching on the internet i found nothing close to that.Can u give me a book or website to help achieve this?
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