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Additional info gleaned from in Knowledge Base Article 319930:
MSDE uses two authentication modes:
Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)
In Windows Authentication Mode, a user can connect through a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, a Microsoft Windows 2000, or a Microsoft Windows XP user account.
Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)
In Mixed Mode, users can use either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication to connect to an instance of MSDE. Users who connect through a Windows NT 4.0, a Windows 2000, or a Windows XP user account can use trusted connections in either Windows Authentication Mode or Mixed Mode.
The default authentication mode for MSDE is Windows Authentication. MSDE installs with a built-in system administrator (SA) user account. However, because SQL Server Authentication is disabled by default, you cannot access the built-in account after a typical installation.

This article seems to imply that Microsoft recommends enabling Mixed Mode authentication but after installation this requires a registry key hack. Further since I don't have Enterprise Manager I must use OSQL, a command line utility installed with MSDE. Does it have to be this tuff???