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Default Query String not working!!!!!!!

Ok, I feel like a dolt. I have a script that calls heavily on query string variables, but the query string isn't working. Do I need to turn something on in PHP ini for them to work?

For example here's a sample string:


Then when calling $cat, it comes up blank.

Here's the details:
Win 20000 (all updates)
IIS 5 or 6 (whatever is standard)
PHP 4.3.3 (EXE)

Everything else works, including MySQL, just not the damn query string. I think I'm going crazy.

Ohh, just because I'm sure someone will end up asking these 2 questions:

#1, this works just fine on a UNIX machine, so it's not my script, it's gotta be the server.

#2, yes I did look at the manual and on google/yahoo and didn't find squat.

please someone help!