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Hi robert -

As far "installing" a running copy of the site, in theory it's quite simple: you literally duplicate the site structure in an appropriate directory and set it up in IIS so it's recognized as a "Web Application." Of course, you might want to omit files specifically for development, such as .csproj and .sln files (and there's no need to copy the /obj directories either).

Disclaimer: I didn't actually get as far as testing ThePhile, but I am extrapolating, based on my own experience adapting the core structure for my own in-progress site.

If you set it up like they did - there is one so-called "Web Project" called ThePhile and something like 19 local projects - then I think you will get a cleaner setup where every time you compile, VS.NET will copy the required DLLs to the /bin folder right off of the site's root folder. You don't ever have to worry about copying things left and right - when you deploy the site, along with copying all the files and folders of the project (as described above), you just copy over to the /bin directory on the live server all the DLLs that were collected there locally.

Stupidly enough, or perhaps I'm just that impatient, I didn't have just one Web Project, but instead developed the site live, so that after every compile, the site is immediately updated... it's always live. A main drawback of this (other than obviously if you break the latest build, anyone visiting will be affected right away), is that the DLL situation is a bit cleaner, with sub-Web Projects such as the News Module having their own local /bin directory. At the end of the day, however, if you keep your naming neat, VS.NET will still keep track of everything and copy everything in the correct places. I had -one- exception to this: it's on another thread in this board.

I don't know if this was helpful, but I hope you get some ideas -

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