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Default Using div for menu in Netscape 6

I am using the following function to hide a menu which works fine in
everything except NN 6 - the function hides the div on rolling out of the
text in the layer not the whole div itself. I used some code (borrowed from your book) to get around the problem in IE but cannot find equivilent code
for NN 6. Can anyone help? Regards. Incidentally I am using a NN 4 style
layer nested within a div to provide a MouseOut event for NN 4 could this
have any effect?

function hideMenu()
if (document.all)
 if (event.toElement != HomeMenu && HomeMenu.contains(event.toElement) ==
else if (document.layers)
else if (!document.all && document.getElementById)
     document.getElementById("HomeMenu").style.visibili ty="hidden";

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