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Unfortunately this page is fairly complicated to repost in. Basically I have two dropdown lists with a button that when clicked populates a datalist based on the selections in the dropdownlists. The two dropdownlists are related, so there is a change event for when the first dropdownlist selection is changed. I wanted to place some code in the change event that would clear the datalist if the user changed the selection. I guess instead I could always hide the datalist and then unhide it again when the button is clicked.

I also found this in reference to your previous post, and it seems somewhere I was able to get this working but can't find the example right now:

Use the Items collection to programmatically control the items in the DataList control. The Items collection does not provide any methods to add or remove items to the collection. However, you can control the contents of an item by providing a handler for the ItemCreated event.

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