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sorry......... the above was only for testing... ( no edit function on forum?? )

Since the book has published for a long time already i am sure you have a HUGE amount of suggestions already. And i am sure it is in need as well as M$ is pushing very hard on .Net dev.....

My opions is that to increse a 1xx page or so to include more info. I really don't mind the book to be thinker since it include everything i need, all the way from c++ to window programing.

( Or add more pages and split it into two part?? )

If ther book was to be keep as one part. Than i would rather it update on .net IDE and native C++........ coz i don't like manged extension...

But it has to include those extensions than spliting the book into 2 part/edition will be good. It could also mean that it still carry on the tradition to cover everything all the way from Dos C++ > window C++ and managed extension. It would also give you a hundreds more page to add depth to the book...