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I agree with pgtips

"Nobody does this sort of thing. A fundamental of the windows user interface is that you only log-on once - how fed-up would you be if every time you opened a program it asked you to provide your password again?"

I think you need to define what they are trying to accomplish.

In many of my programs I use a username and password. Mainly it is to provide various levels of access. If a user opens the program without logging on then they have limits or I may have an engineering level of access that allows certain configuration settings. It has helped to make my programs more dynamic and configurable. But the username and password scheme that I am using is independent of Windows security. I use a level of encryption and have created a dll and a standard interface. Over time we have developed a method of controlling access to forms by using the HelpContextID property to make the menus dynamic based on user login and group.

So, I think it is important to find out the "Why" as well as the "What".

Larry Asher