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Default Class Design Info...

Hi all,

I've been steadily trudging through the book and i came upon his TryGeometry example. After successfully compiling and running this program i'm a bit jittery on how to go about actually designing the *solution* to the TryGeometry problem ( in terms of class definition, etc, NOT java code) and other such real world problems that will crop up.

Is there any other book written by Mr.Horton or anyone else (in the same style / vein as this great book) which elucidates on how to design classes (using java as a solution platform) for real life problems? Is it a good idea to FIRST go through the book on java and THEN think about designing solutions or can they happen in PARALLEL?

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Kaizer Billimoria
Bangalore, India
Kaizer Billimoria
Bangalore, India