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thanks for response.
I amend the coding,but it is move to next page.
it is not stop that field.
I remove onClick attribute from the button.
Please check coding
<script language=JavaScript>
function doCheck()
for (i=0;i<=1;++i)
   if (i==0)
    if ( /[^0-9]/.test(fn) )
   alert ("Please enter Numeric Value ")
   onSubmit="return doCheck()"
   return false;

quote:Originally posted by planeswalk

This is because you have document.myform.submit() after the regular expressions code block. The first thing that you need to do is remove that line from the javascript. Then type onSubmit="return doCheck()" as an attribute in your <form> tag (you have to have this) and remove the onClick attribute from the button. This will force your HTML form to do the expression check when you submit the form and will not submit the page if the check fails.


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