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Grrr. I knew the minute I posted this topic I would end up figuring out what I was over looking. I wrote the program with a do while loop and kept getting an infinte loop and couldn't figure out why. the problem was what I was testing to be true. I tested for if the symbol was lowercase if this was true the loop would continue, I also tested for specific vowels, symbols lower than A or greater than Z and symbols lower than a or greater than z. It was the test for lower than a or greater than z that was not needed in the program because capital letters would either be lower than lower case letters or greater than and this was creating a situation that would continuously be true and thus the loop would never end. Once I took that test out of the program I had no problem getting it to produce a single capital letter that did not include vowels.

Now all I have to do is get it to produce a sequence of capital letters that do not include vowels which should be easyer now that I've got the basic part of the program to do what I wanted it to do.

Figures that it was something simple I was overlooking... it always is with programs... something simple.