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Here is the code, filedetails.asp, of the exercise and below it the code which is needed for it to work.

<%Option Explicit%>

    Dim strFDPathInfo, strFDPhysicalPath
    strFDPathInfo = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")
    strFDPhysicalPath = Sever.MapPath(strFDPathInfo)
    Dim objFDFSO, objFDFile
    Set objFDFSO = CreateOject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFDFile = objFDFSO.GetFile(strFDPhysicalPath)


<DIV STYLE= "font-size:11; font-family: Verdana; ">
File Name: <B><%= strFDFile.Name &></B><BR>
Server Path: <B><%= strFDPathInfo %></B><BR>
Physical Path: <B><%= objFDFile.Path %></B><BR>
File Size: <B><%= objFDFile.size %></B><BR>
Date Created: <B><%= objFDFile.DateCreated %></B><BR>
Date Last Mofdified: <B><%= objFDFile.DateLastMofdified %></B><BR>
Date Last Accessed: <B><%= objFDFile.DateLastAccessed %></B><BR>

this is the file which has the include statement which refers to the code above.