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Default Professional C# Second Edition Ch 15

I feel the last section on page 804 "The Meeting Room Booker Client" is written incorrectly and should be expanded. There are 3 paragraphs in this section.

Paragraph 1 refers to using the code in PCSWebApp3 for PCSWebApp4. I believe that this should be explained. There appears to be a "Save As" feature in the Solution Explorer, is this the best method? It is also possible to create a New Project and cut and paste the code for the WebForm1.aspx and WebForm1.aspx.cs files but this then requires renaming of the files in the new project and namespace problems. I eventually had to copy the files from the download files to save the project because of all the name problems. I still do not know how to do this properly.

Paragraph 3 appears to be incorrect in a number of areas:
a) it refers to right clicking on the project in the Server Explorer when I think it should read Solution Explorer.
b) it suggests the second step is locating the .asmx file when I believe it should be to select Add Reference
c) the act of locating the .asmx file should be explained. I think it is done by clicking on the downarrow at the right end of the URL box. I was unable to find PCSWebSrv2/Service1.asmx but I was able to find PCSWebSrv1/Service1.asmx and ended up using that.
d) calling the folder "eventDataService" should also be explained. I think it is done by overwriting the "localhost" name in the lower right with "eventDataService" and clicking Add Reference.

I may have some conceptual misunderstandings at this stage, but following the changes I made above was the only way I could get the steps to work.