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quote:Bob, why are there multiple Access VBA forums scattered about? Shouldn't there be just one?
Hi Greg,

Good question. Beats me, though I would say that Acces's hybrid nature is given to spawning confusion and overlap like that. Technically speaking, Access isn't a database either. Its just a GUI development platform that defaults to Jet as its data store. So do we put it with the database forums? Or create a Jet SQL forum? Then where does Acces go? As a COM component, it only hosts the VBA language engine. So maybe an ActiveX forum and a VBA forum? Then again, when programming in VB, VBA, or VB.Net, we're just using platform-specific versions of BASIC. A BASIC forum, a Jet SQL forum, and an ActiveX components forum? Ya' gotta stop somewhere.

I imagine the WROX guys probably had several conversations along these lines (ok...probably not), got tired of thinking about it, and said the heck with it. Would have been convenient, though, if they had arbitrarily opted for one spot or the other.


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