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quote:...but when it comes to my desktop...
You mean, "when it comes to my laptop"?

It doesn’t sound like permissions on the .mdb file are your problem. If you haven't manually implemented user-level security on your db through either the Security Wizard or code you are, by default, logged into you .mdb as a user named Admin with full administrative permissions. Access doesn’t use Windows Integrated Security; you have to manually create your own workgroup information file to restrict permissions on individual objects in the database (usually by running the Security Wizard). The only way you could run into permission related write problems without having implemented user-level security yourself is if you opened the database as read-only, or if the db is located on a read-only drive (I’m assuming you have your file installed locally).

That said there are many reasons why an individual query might not be updateable. Can you edit the base tables on which the query is based? If so, and the query joins more than one table, check in query design view and make sure the proper join lines are displayed. If you can edit the data in the base tables, something is wrong with your query definition. Are you using DAO/ADO recordsets or linked tables by any chance? ‘Bout all I can think of at the moment since it seems to run OK on the other machine, if I understand you correctly, an you didn't mention a network connection. When all else fails, re-create the query definition and compact and repair.


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