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thanks for response. I try

if rs.BOF = True and rs.EOF = True then
 raise error
 work with recordset
 end if

but it give following error

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A03EA)
Syntax error
/dcil2/paging7.asp, line 25, column 5
work with recordset

I try space between either side of the ampersand,
it give same error.

I try nTRIM function, but it give same error.

query work if constand value provide,
our contractno value come from the previous page, it is change

How can use dynamic (not constant) value in query ?
contractno value received from the previous page.

quote:Originally posted by nbryson

Although this is nothing to do with SQL question you asked but it is good practice to check if any records are being returned and deal with it appropriately :-

If rs.BOF = True And rs.EOF = True Then
raise error
work with recordset
end if