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quote:Originally posted by jacob
 OK, let me have a go!

What technology do you use!? You say "...there is no currentrecord concept in ASP", but it is an ASPX forum.

hi jacob
thanks for your codes, but i have solved the problem
it was very simple. The problem was when it was run "exception occured" was coming and program was terminated. we just wrote on error resume next. We got a positive output
u can have a look which is in ASP. I want a help from u why exception
occured message comes. if I do give on error resume next.
    str = "select td_totamt,td_wono from td_da order by td_wono "
        rs1.Open str,con
       while not rs1.eof
           str2 = "select sum(td_totamt),td_wono from td_da where td_wono='"&fstwono&"' group by td_wono"
        rs2.Open str2,con
        <TD><% Response.Write "rs1 PONO" & rs1("td_wono")%></TD>
        <TD><%Response.Write rs1("td_totamt")%></TD> </tr>
            <% sum1=sum1+cint(rs1("td_totamt"))
        on error resume next
       if (fstwono)<>(rs1("td_wono"))then%>
      <tr><TD><%' Response.Write rs2("sum(td_totamt)")%></TD></tr>
      <tr><TD><% Response.Write sum1 %></TD></tr>
        <% sum1=0
        end if