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Hi Gonzalo,

I did do some benchmarks some time ago and I found out
that, at least in my cases, the like operator was a 10%
slower than instr, but I did not spend that much time.
I though that because like is more powerful, there is
a penalty using it. But I can be wrong... Use GetTickCount
and iterate some thousand times both instr and like
using some of your data and check the difference.
GetTickCount is not that precise, do more than one run until
you get a stable number, and iterate enough time to get
a difference in time of at least one second.
I will be interested to know the results.


quote:Originally posted by gbianchi
 hi all..

i want to know if somebody did a performance test around this issue..

im looking for string that have a constant substring inside them..

i have to ways to do it:
string like "*mystr"

do anybody know what's best practice for it??

thanks in advance...

Gonzalo Bianchi