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isdn 0-7645-4383-0 Frmcompany is requested on page 48, there is no frmcompany in the ice cream database. On page 76 frmcompany is again referenced but it does not exist. If you look at the chapters it is in chapter 2, but not in chapter 1. The book does not create the frmcompany in any chapter but does reference it. This causes almost everything after this to not function properly. page 166 gives instructions to create 1stReports, when I attempt this the 1 is separated from the rest of the word and doesn't work. Page 171 I created the dynamic list box but it did not run. I looked at the solutions database and tried their Preview and Print buttons on the frmreport and they didn't work either. I am using office 2000 access version. Do I need the developer version?