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You remembered to carefully record, and keep in a secure place, your original workgroup files WID and PID numbers, right? neither. :(

Assuming you did, you could create a new A2K work group file using those exact ID’s, then convert your Access 97 db and use it. Or, you can use your old .mdw file with an A2K db and just not have new A2K security features available.

In any event, the document to start with is probably the “Access Security FAQ” which you can download at:;en-us;207793.

Its 31 pages of answers to all kinds of questions about Access security. For example, it will walk you through the process of “de-securing” your 97 db prior to conversion to A2K, and then “re-securing” the converted db if you need to recreate your security settings.

System.mdw is simply Access's default security database (it was called system.mda in Access 2.0), and is the same for every initial installation of Access. Check Tools -> Security -> Workgroup Administrator to find its location. Also be sure and back it up in its original state before modifying it. Generally, it lives in a shared folder on a server with read-only permissions granted to users. Its presence is required by Access to open a .mdb file. At a minimum, it contains information on the default Admin account. You can use the User-Level Security Wizard or the Workgroup Administrator utility to modify it or create a new workgroup file, if you have a reason to.

The Security FAQ will address a lot of this stuff for you, though its not exactly a "good tutorial" (I don't know of any). Also, Access - being a file-based database and all - is really (by definition) unsecurable: the file can always be copied. If security is a big concern, seriouly consider SQL Server.