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Thanks for your replies. I can code in VBScript and have picked up a little VB/VBA in the past few weeks, but mainly stuff thats largely similar.

Greg, the bar code reader simple picks up the number as if you were typing it yourself and then goes to the next input box. So in essence it is just a string.

I'm gonna give this code a go. This was my initial feeling and looks like it should work. I was just hoping there was a smarter way of doing it. I was just a little worried about speed of running this routine because when these numbers are scanned in they are piled in batches. Sometimes there are 10,000 units per job (these are mobile phones for import/export by the way) and the databse will start getting very big after a while. Suppose could split it down further by having a different database for each different type of phone.

Anyone know how many records it takes to mess up the performance of Access (assuming following table structure) or des that depend on the speed, memory etc of the computer you are running it on.



Thanks for you help.