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OK, you need to check whether the ASP page(s) are running under the anonymous user, because the account of the user is key to sorting out this problem - assuming its a permissions problem (but we can't check that for sure until we know which user is running the page).

As you're new to ASP here's a bit of background about users and IIS:
When a windows machine runs as a webserver then, in principle, users can connect to it across the internet from any machine (Windows, Unix, Mac etc) and request files (HTML, ASP, GIF etc). Now, Windows controls all access to files (and a lot of other resources) via user accounts and Access Control Lists, but internet users have no user accounts as far as the windows webserver is concerned, so how is it to solve this dilemma? The answer is the anonymous user account, which is created as a local account on the windows webserver, and is generally called IUSR_<<MachineName>>. By default, all requests to files from internet users (including asp files) are processed under this anonymous user account, and are granted or denied access to the files they requested according to the permissions of this anonymous user. OK?

Now, back to business :)
To check what user account your asp files are running under, do this on your Win2000 server:
1. click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager. This will bring up MMC with the IIS snap-in.
2. Locate the root of your website in the treeview in the left pane (it will either be Default Web Site with a globe icon, or <<YourAppName>> underneath that with an icon that looks like an open grey box with a green ball inside!), right-click on it and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. You should now see a tabbed dialog box.
3. click on the Directory Security tab
4. click the Edit button at the top of the tab (in the box with the handshake graphic) and this will bring up another dialog box
5. See if the "anonymous access" checkbox is ticked.
6. If its not ticked, tell me what other checkboxes on that page are ticked.
7. If it is ticked, click the Edit button in the anonymous access box - this brings up the final dialog box. Finally, tell me what it says in the Username box on that final dialog.

Phew! Once we know what the username is we can proceed from there. OK?