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OK its the anonymous user, so what we need to do is allow that user to read/write the database. The problem is that the anonymous user is a local account on the webserver - other servers on the network know nothing about this user.

The solution is to create a local account on the NT server where the database resides with the same name and (this is very important) the same password as the anonymous user, then give that user read/write privileges to the share where the database is located. Are you able to do that?

If you don't know the password of the anonymous user, then you must change it before you create the local account on the database server. The change must be made in 2 places: in the User Manager on the webserver*, then in Internet Services Manager on the webserver (I'm talking here about the final dialog in step 7 of my last post).

*you can get to User Manager by Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. Then in the left-hand pane click on System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users. Then in the right-hand pane you should see the user IUSR_<<machineName>>, right-click the user and choose Set Password from the pop-up menu.

An alternative is to change the anonymous user to a network account that already has privileges to read/write the database - but since they are on different domains this will probably not help you, unless there is a trust set up between the domains.