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Hi, Mara.

I did try it before and seems that it works for me... Let me check it out this afternoon and I will get back to you...
Fyi: You may want to try to compile all those java class concurrently - using syntax javac *.java

quote:Originally posted by mara
 in correct path exists
but when i compile
i get this error.
i don;t know what is wrong
to me code seems to be correct.
plz help me out

com\wrox\library\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class Book
location: class com.wrox.library.ChildrenBook
public class ChildrenBook extends Book {
1 error

### fro this line: original code####
package com.wrox.library;

public class TechBook extends Book {

    private String skillLevel;

    private String getSkillLevel() {
        return skillLevel;
    public void setSkillLevel(String s) {
        skillLevel = s;
    public TechBook(){
    public TechBook(String title) {