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hello folks.

A small question. For the life of me, I couldn't find anything this specific through the search function.

I have the following code for data from a checkbox form:

echo "$choice1<br>";
echo "$choice2<br>";
echo "$choice3<br>";

which I converted into this:

echo $_POST['choice1'];
echo $_POST['choice2'];
echo $_POST['choice3'];

It works fine.

My question is where to put the <br>. It seemed logical to put it inside the single quote, but when I do that and hit submit, nothing comes out. For example, if I do this

echo $_POST['choice1<br>'];
echo $_POST['choice2'];
echo $_POST['choice3'];

and I check off all three choices and hit submit, the first value doesn't come out on screen while the other two do.

I tried moving the <br> to various other places after "choice1" but I get parse errors.

Where do you put html in commands like $_POST?

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