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quote:Originally posted by Imar
 Hi there,

You may want to read this article:

It describes how to create a database in ASP, but the concepts are identical for VB6. Just change lines like this:

Dim catNewDB ' As ADOX.Catalog

to this:

Dim catNewDB As ADOX.Catalog

By removing the ' you're making the code strongly typed. Then, instead of using Server.CreateObject, use CreateObject, or Set your objects to a new instance of your required type (Set catNewDB = New ADOX.Catalog)

If you need help, please post a reply here. I could do a VB6 version of the article.....

Imar Spaanjaars
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Hello Imar,

   I try to convert your ASP code in Visual Basic mode. I need your help, because I have problems with Data Types declaration when define the columns the CreateAccessTable routine. Please send me your code in VB mode or write me the solution of this problem to fix it.)


Edgar Caro