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Make sure the version of MSDE You installed has the pubs dattabase.
I installed the wrong instance of MSDN and had the same problems.
Here is the email from Microsoft support ...

Hi Glen,

Thanks for contacting Microsoft Developer Support in regard to case SRX040102606086 in which you were trying to run some samples from the Quick Start samples that are installed with VS.NET. You were getting error "Server does not exist or Access denied". This was because of the fact that all the samples are setup to use a specific MSDE instance name which is "machinename\NetSDK" or "(local)\NetSDK". The MSDE instance that you had was the instance that ships with VS.NET that has different name.

To solve this problem we removed the other instance and installed the correct one. Now you samples work great without errors.


Here is how I connected to the server without a password:

' Initialize the Connection object...
objConnection = New SqlConnection("Server=New\NetSdk;database=pubs;Int egrated Security=sspi")

I also had to setup the samples in MSDE by going in Windows explorer to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$NetSDK\Data or somewhereabouts to setup the sample programs and databases (you will find the Pubs Database there)

I also had to add "Data Connnections" to the server explorer from the toolbar options or something like that, and then add the connection to the pubs dattabase by rightclicking data connections and then putting my server name and a \NetSDK. My computer name is NEW so I put NEW\NetSDK in the box. I checked Use Windows NT Intergrated security, selected the dattabase on the server (The test connection should work if everyting is ok), Then select OK.

I shure hope this helps. I am having alot of trouble with the DataGridUpdates project in chapter 17. I downloaded the code but where's the rest of the code for chapter 17???

Anyway goodluck!!!
Glen Conaway