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Thanks for the reply but I found the problem myself. It actually wasn't with SaleDetailsForSeller.asp but instead it was in Item.asp.

<a href=""SaleDetailsForSeller.asp?Item=" & _
                    Request("Item") & "&BidID= " & rsBids("BidID") & """>" & _
                    "Click to sell to this bidder</a></td>"

In the above code I originally had a space in between SaleDetailsForSeller.asp?Item and the equal sign. Because of this, "Item" was being passed to SaleDetailsForSeller.asp as an empty field. When I executed the UPDATE on that .asp file the code couldn't locate the Item.ID in the table because it was comparing it to an empty field.

All this amounted to a typo, talk about a needle in a haystack. I hope this helps anybody who might have this problem later.

Thanks again for the reply.