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Default Choice of scripting language for an ecommerce site

Hi all,
I have to develop a small ecommerce site as a part of my curriculum. It has to have a database with a choice of postgress SQL and MySql (preferably psql), it has to have a shopping cart, a dummy credit card validation schema and the works.
The problem with me is the choice of scripting language:
1. JSP
2. PHP
3. Perl
Now I am accustomed to all and have worked earlier on perl, but learning JSP is okay with me. I am more concerned with the scripting langage that offers the best security and speed, not which is the easiest to do. Please help me.

P.S : ASP & ASP.NET is ruled out coz I have already done a project on that and a rule forbids me from using the same scripting language again.
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