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Hi Hovik Melkomian,

The reason why the runat="server" attribute is not set on the form because "automatically" create the action attribute within the Page1.aspx which stop me from moving to another page (Page2.aspx).

I select View Source when Page1.aspx is loaded with <form runat="server"
<form name="_ctl0" method="post" action="Page1.aspx" id="_ctl0">
<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" value="dDwxOTg4MTk0Mzc2O3Q8O2w8aTwxPjs++==" />
My Question is can this be done without specifying runat="server" in the form section, if not how to pass data from page1.aspx to page2.aspx?

<form action="Page2.aspx" method="Post">
     <asp:Textbox runat="server">
Thank your for your reply.

Regards Dat