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Yes, you should try to recover the lost values from the last complete database backup. You can restore this backup as a _NEW_ database, and you can copy the data from the restored database to the "real" database.

Here is an example of copying the Employees.LastName data in the Northwind database:

update e
set LastName = eold.LastName
from Northwind.dbo.Employees e
    inner join NorthwindOld.dbo.Employees eold
        on e.EmployeeId = eold.EmployeeId

The second option is to do a point-in-time recovery. This is possible if your last backup doesn't contain the values you accidentally deleted. If the database uses the full recovery model (bulk-logged also?), you can restore the last complete database backup as a new database and then restore the transaction log backup until before the accidental delete. You can recover the values from here.

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