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Default "Object Required" message


I've been working on a form that contains a subform. The fields in the main form are EvendId, EventName, Date, time, place, etc.. These fields cannot be edited (locked = yes and activated = no)

In the subform the fields are EventId, TicketNo, Qty, Section, Row, Seat,etc...
I use this subform to see the list of tickets for the event and to add new tickets. When I open my form, the focus goes to the last record. Then, if I want to close the form or undo, I have a "Object Required" message by Microsoft Access. I double checked all of my fields. They all allow null value or an empty string.

The form and subform allow additions, edits and deletions.

I don't know where to look anymore... please help me... :(


(Sorry if some of the terms are not right, I use a french version of Access)

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