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What I think you want in the command button is to import, not export.

Using a macro with the TransferSpreadsheet action is the way to go.

Use these arguments for TransferSpreadsheet:

Transfer Type: Import
Spreadsheet Type: Choose whichever version of Excel that you are importing from.
Table Name: Input the name of a table that you want to import into (can be a new table or an existing table - name the table anything you want, if existing table it will append the data).
File Name: You put the exact path of where the file is located. For example \\myServer\C\myExcelSpreadsheet.xls.
Has Field Names: If the first row of your spreadsheet has columns name then you would answer YES.
Range: This is if you only want to include a range of cells. If you want the entire spreadsheet - leave blank, it will take the whole spreadsheet by default.

Hope this helps.