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oki i have worked in access 2002 (XP) with the query editor to return sortof what i want...

SELECT DISTINCT mmorpg.str_currency, mmorpg.str_name, servers.str_name, credits.lng_usercredits
FROM credits INNER JOIN (servers INNER JOIN mmorpg ON servers.lng_rpgid=mmorpg.lng_id) ON (credits.lng_rpgid=mmorpg.lng_id) AND (credits.lng_serverid=servers.lng_id)
WHERE credits.lng_userid=23 // this will be replaced later in asp with a session variable
ORDER BY mmorpg.str_name, servers.str_name
now the problem is that i need to return the field servers as one field, depicted as an array delimited by ", ".

i need to know asap is this possible and if so how do i go about joining it sothat i get only one record per MMORPG record, but with all the servers listed in that field?

if not, i will just have to come up with another plan...

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