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hi chinhow,
See first of let me clarify one thing.IIS runs under some specific user name which is IUSER_MACHINENAME.

if u donot want to change the default user than u donot need to do the following changes. You need to run the application with different user name and password only if u want to access network resources.

Secondly if u want to access resources on ur local machine only just ensure that ASPNET user has the required access on that resource on your machine.

You have to do the following configuration settings to change the user for the application.

1) Change the machine.config file :
    It is located at:
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CONFI G\machine.config
In ProcessModel tag give the username and password under which u want to run the application.This u need to do only if u want to run the application under some other username. Default user name is IUSR_MACHINE.
<processModel userName="USERNAME" password="PASSWORD"/>

2)In Web.Config file:
u will have to set impersonate as true:
<identity impersonate="true" userName="USERNAME"
          password="PASSWORD" />

3)IIS configuration changes for application:
    Go to the virtual directory.
Right click and go to properties
To Directory Security tan and click ‘Edit’ button
Change the USERNAME and PASSWORD over here and
Uncheck ‘Allow IIS to control password’ checkbox.

Feel free to get back in case of any problem