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It's great that you want to learn Java and Ivor's book is a good initial tutorial. If you don't have OO experience then you might want to have a look a Beginning Java Objects by Jaquie Barker or the Object Orientated Thought Process by Matt Weisfeld. Understanding objects is key to getting the best out of Java.

Jbuilder is a great tool but I wouldn't recommend it for a novice as it adds a level of complexity to the learning process, as you have to learn the IDE as well. Once you are up to speed then make the switch, but until then stick to a simple editor; Notepad works fine but is very limited, TextPad, JEdit and JCreator are easy to use snd in my opinion are the sort of tools you should start with. Other options include: NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, CodeWarrior, Visual Cafe, etc.

The list goes on and on and everybody has their own preference, but like I said; focus on the language not the tool, once you understand the language, objects and their combined capabilities then look to use an IDE and other tools, methods, etc. to increase your productivity.