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Thanks Rich, I appreciate your help. It will take time for me to fully digest your response, in the meantime, I'll read up on sessions in detail. A new concern is that am not using Apache so the .htaccess might not be a solution.

I'm not running my own server, I'm using for shared hosting (Bad host but good support; run by salesmen, not techies .). I don't want to change servers yet. They had major trouble getting PHP installed properly with Apache & Linux. They moved me over to IIS, which seems ok. Is there something similar to .htaccess on IIS?

I noticed in your code example above you prematurely ended an if statement in a <?PHP ?> block, wrote HTML code, then opened a new <?PHP ?> block and continued the if statement - this is quite cool, I didn't think this would be possible. How does this work? I would have thought that all local variables and current processes would have ended with the closing of the <?PHP ?> block - obviously not.

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