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I am confused. A combo can only have one item selected at a time so no looping is involved. The reference to
the combo:

WHERE (((tblA.[Items No])=[Forms]![frmAppenCust]![Combo0])

will only use the currently selected value in the combo. Also, it will also require delimiters appropriate to the data type in the bound field field of the combo.

I'm not seeing where the Order By clause is relevant here either and, there is no need to append a single record at a time as it possible to append a whole batch with a single append. I'm also curious about the grouping in the combo rowsource and last but not least, using a space in field names in a table is not a good practice.

Without knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the combo box, it is difficult to provide assistance. I would expect that [Cust No] ought to be unique in the table on which the combo is based but that too is unclear.

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