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quote:Originally posted by Imar
 Here's what I do to make it work:

If everything works as planned, VS.NET will create a new app at the specified location.
Hi Imar,
we have two ip addresses going to the same server..could that be a problem?
We use the server as a company intranet with ip address and also with the other ip address we use it as a server to develop our sites.

a.I have carried out instruction (1): accessing the dev server particular site from my machine using G:\
b.I created a wwwroot folder in that area and then created a Webapplication1 folder within so: G:\wwwroot\Webapplication1
c. in the new projects dialogue box when i browse and go to the mapped drive and locate: G:\wwwroot\Webapplication1 , the 'ok' button gets disabled