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quote:Originally posted by Imar
 AFAIK, two IP addresses shouldn't make a difference.

But how do you create the initial project? You should create a project at http://ServerNameOrIP/WebapplicationName. Then VS.NET tries to connect to that server, finds out the physical location, and then offers you to browse to the network share / folder. You can't open a project directly using DriverLetter:\WebApplication.
>>when you click on browse button in new projects dialog box and then select a specific folder it maps up the drive letter

Why did you create a wwwroot folder?
>> trying to follow your instructions
If IIS is set up correctly on the server, there should already be a c:\Inetppub\wwwroot folder. Did that folder exist?
>> there is a C:\inetpub but no wwwroot - it is empty
there is D:\Inetpub\wwwroot but it is unused

 Where does G:\ map to?
>>G:\ maps to D:\Inetpub\EmpireDevWeb of the web server
When we go into our inetpub folder (D:\Inetpub) on the server:
we have the wwwroot folder there but we do not use it for our website developments,
instead we have two other folders which we use:
EmpireDevWeb and IntranetWeb
out of these two folders i am able to visual studio web applications in IntranetWeb
but not in the other folder which is where i would like to create new web applications.

G:\ maps to D:\Inetpub\EmpireDevWeb of the web server

http://intranet maps to D:\Inetpub\IntranetWeb

the following steps would allow me to create a web appication:
a. http:\\intranet\webapplication3 in the new projects dialog box
b. a failure takes place with the following alrt box:
    The default web access mode for this project is set to to file share 'http:\\intranet\webapplication3'
    can not be opened with the path '\\intranet\$wwwroot\webapplication3'
    the error returned was:
        Unable to create Web project 'webapplication3'. The UNC share does not exist or you do not have access.
    Would you like to do?
        [option button] retry using a diffrent file share path? locaction [input box + browse button]
        [option button] try to open the project with Frontpage Server Extensions
c. I select to open the project with Frontpage Server Extensions and it works creating a project woth folder in D:\Inetpub\IntranetWeb