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Default BackUp question

He evryone
I need help about backup. I have a several questions about this situation.

In Database Maintenance Plan i created plan for backup some database. BackUp occurs every day at 01.00h, on disk to some directory on the network. I checked option Remove files older then
(3 days). DMPlan created for me job that works backup. Job creates new bak file every day and remove files older than 3 days. So, i always have 3 .bak files in the backup directory.

But if I create job by myself with standard backup statement (back up database ...) , i can put with noinit option so i will append .bak file to .bak file and i will have only one file in backup directory.

1) If i use the DMPlan how can i use with noinit option?
2) If i use BackUp Database statement how can i remove files older than some days?
3) What is better solution, keep 3 or more diferent .bak files or only one with noinit option?