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Thank you very much Steven, that was a big help.
I have one last favor though please.
I added this to the end of the statement to give the user a chance to specify which record gets copied so now the last line of that looks like this:
  & "RFQInputSheet.AdditionalExistingVolume, RFQInputSheet.RDTestingFixturesRequired, RFQInputSheet.RDTestingRequired, RFQInputSheet.RDDescription, RFQInputSheet.PVTestingRequired, RFQInputSheet.DVTestingRequired FROM RFQInputSheet WHERE (((RFQInputSheet.RFQNumber)=[Please enter the RFQ number you want to copy])))
All lines of the code before this are exactly as you sent in your reply and the compiler didn't have any problems with it. Even since I changed it, the complier doesn't have a problem with the code, but when I run it, I get:
quote:Run-time error '3061':
Too few parameters.Expected 2.
This is a new error to me...what does it mean and how should I fix it?

I really appreciate your help!


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